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New Helvetica Profile

Jovana V. Milić has joined the Early Career Advisory Board of Helvetica and had her author profile published in the journal – check it out!

Front Cover of Advanced Materials Issue

Our article on “Reversible Pressure-Dependent Mechanochromism of Dion–Jacobson and Ruddlesden–Popper Layered Hybrid Perovskites” has been selected as the Front Cover of the Advanced Materials Issue! Check it out!

“Get Tougher”

Researchers have now demonstrated that interfacial self-assembled monolayers increase adhesion toughness between the perovskite and charge-transport layers in the corresponding devices, enhancing the device stability. Jovana comments on the recent advancements and future perspectives of this strategy in Nature Energy News.

Multifunctional layered hybrid perovskites

An overview of the developments on the emerging class of multifunctional LHPs with a perspective on the use in various technologies in the future was published in the “Emerging Investigators Issue” of the J. Mat. Chem. C.